Verge System Inc. Receives First Review!

V erge Systems has helped thousands of organizations to transform into digital platforms. The company works in multiple verticals in conjunction with its state-of-the-art business solutions.

Verge Systems has helped thousands of organizations to transform into digital platforms. The company works in multiple verticals in conjunction with its state-of-the-art business solutions.

The solutions that Verge Systems has successfully implemented in Small and Medium size enterprises (SMEs) include but not limited to:
●     Financials Management Information System
●     HR Management Information System
●     Microfinance Management Information System
●     Learning Management Information System
●     Campus Management System
●     Inventory Management Information System
●     Monitoring & Evaluation Management Information System
●     Content Management Informations System
●     E-Commerce Solutions

The company provides a range of technology services to its clients to assist them in providing the best business solutions for their existing and future needs.

Verge Systems is a registered Private Limited company with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), registered as Incorporation in the State of California, USA and Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United Arab Emirates. The company’s main office has been established in the Silicon Valley, California, USA. It manages its sales team from Dubai, UAE. Whereas, its core development is still based in Pakistan.

The core areas of expertise of Verge Systems are:
●     HR Business Solution
●     Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
●     Management Information Systems (MIS)
●     Business Intelligence (BI) Tools
●     Artificial Intelligence (AI)
●     Integrated Financial Solutions (FinTech)
●     Machine Learning
●     IT Consultancy Services

Verge Systems has always strived to keep up with its vision “To create an edge in systems development and to cater to the imagination of its customers”. Today, Verge Systems is spread all across the globe to provide the best of its services.

Verge Systems’ success stems from its expertise and experience in the relevant field, its extensive knowledge of business processes and functions; allowing it to produce high standard products and services for its clients. From a range of extensive business solutions to flexible management systems, Verge Systems’ team is the main source of its success.

Verge Systems pioneered SaaS-based platforms and launched its mega project WebHR. WebHR is a Cloud based Social HR Software developed by Verge Systems for large and SMEs. WebHR handles everything from Hire to Retire, in the most innovative way.Used by over 20,000 companies in 197 countries, WebHR is destined to be the Primary HR tool in the Cloud.

Currently, WebHR has over 70 HR modules and 150 HR reports; considered as one of the most user-friendly and feature rich cloud based HR software. WebHR is a global leader in SaaS HR and has remained #01 SaaS based HR solution in top world software ratings. The software is available in 30 different languages and is currently managing over a million employees.

WebHR is available in Web, iOS, Andorid and Windows interfaces and has become the only HR Solution in the world having Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence Tools. WebHR is revolutionizing the way HR works by giving it more power on their HR data - like never before.


WebHR’s overwhelming success is largely due to its continued innovations & creativity. WebHR is the only HR software in the world available on Amazon’s Alexa & Microsoft's Crotona platforms. WebHR was the only HR software and the only Pakistani Company official partner by Microsoft on its Crotona launching ceremony in the USA.

Another mega project that Verge Systems launched over the cloud is Smart Pupils. Smart Pupils is one of the top school management software for LMS and school management activities.


Smart Pupils provides an ERP platform for 800 schools, colleges and universities in more tha 12 countries worldwide.

Verge Systems’ team deliver process improvements and a formalized documentation and workflow to a data consulting and software company.


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